New York, Day 1

Hi everyone!

So— I will be staying in New York City for the next six days, which means you’ll be seeing quite a few posts from the big apple! This was actually my first flight ever. I was a little nervous getting on the plane and throughout the flight but we landed at La Guardia alive!

Q: Why New York?

A: My partner has to be here for work, so I’m here on vacation!

We are staying at YOTEL, a trendy capsule hotel 0.4 miles from Port Authority and 0.7 miles from Times Square. Let me just say, staying on the 22nd floor, the view from the hotel room is amazing. 30652534_2114866648529082_4623004391123714048_n

So, we just got back to the hotel. We walked around Times Square for a bit and went to Mood Fabrics. (My partner loves to sew and we’re both fans of Project Runway so of course we had to visit Mood!)

Being in NYC, as a photographer, I know there will be a ton of movement so I will make it a goal to try and capture it every chance I get.

With that said, I want to share with you two photos I took from our hotel window.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, off to dinner (at Chevy’s) we go! I will make another post from wherever tomorrow leads!




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