New York, Day 3 — Washington Arch Square

9am – Hi everyone!

It is now day 3 here in the big apple and we are heading out the door for today’s adventure! 

8pm – Can you really call coming to NYC a vacation when you’re having to walk everywhere?? My feet are KILLING ME! According to my apple watch, so far, every day we’ve been here, we’ve walked close to 15 miles a day— That’s insane!

Today we walked around the lower part of Manhattan and visited the Washington Arch Square.

For lunch we went to a deli place around the Fashion District area. Not too sure what it’s called. They had several types of food from sandwiches to burgers and Chinese food.

For today’s question of the day you may be asking yourself:

Q: What did you have from the Deli?

Well, I would’ve gone with a burger but…

A: I went with the Chinese food. (Of course!)

Photo Apr 21, 12 14 23 AM.jpgUnfortunately I don’t have any food pics, but I do have a photo from the Deli!

Now for the star of the post! A slide show of today’s photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Time to go! Don’t forget to share, like and comment!





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