New York, Day 5 — Little Italy

9am – Hi everyone!

So, it’s day 5. Pretty much our last day and night here. Tomorrow we’ll go to an early lunch at the Cock & Bull, head to La Guardia, catch our plane and fly back to Arkansas!

6:30pm – I wasn’t expecting Little Italy to be so similar to China Town, but I’m glad it was!

We bought some more souvenirs today. Cheaper than the ones we got in China Town. We should’ve waited but we got so excited!

For lunch we went to Ristorante Luna.

Q: What did I have for lunch, you ask?

A: I had tortellini! AMAZING TORTELLINI!

I was a little bummed that we didn’t see many celebrities while in NYC, but I did see fashion designer Marc Jacobs and an actor from HBO’s Game of Thrones!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my posts from here in New York. I think I fell in love with the city! I would definitely move here if we had the chance or option to.

So, another Q & A..

Q: Why is this post sooner than the rest?

A: Because we’re about to go watch School of Rock on BROADWAY!!!

With that said, I’ll leave you all with (yet again) some photos!!

Feel free to share, like and comment!!

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